I am simply a girl that loves to cook and eat.

Fortunately, I grew up in a home with an outstanding mother who attended culinary school in France and sampled food from all over the world. Luckily, she shared her love of food and skills of the kitchen with me. I am purely home taught, and look to the wonderful inspiration and education around me all the time (thank you Giada, Ina & Julia).

I began writing because I was already talking about or emailing about food with my best friend in Minneapolis, my husband, and my mother. I thought that I should put all of these amazing recipes, ones I create and those I discover, for everyone else to try. Growing ever more passionate about the fruits of my labor, I wanted to be certain I was sharing only what I thought was extraordinary, but, at the same time, simply good home cooked food.

Everyone, I believe, is capable of making something they are proud of. Confidence in the kitchen, however, does not come easily to everyone. I want to bring that confidence out of you with recipes that are not too complicated, but have a gourmet twist that will wow those lucky enough to dine at your table.

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