Burger Night

Last night I made a pretty good burger and I wanted to share. My only downfall was that I used too lean of beef and will correct for next time. You really need to get ground beef with some fat content to make it juicy and help keep it from being crumbly

For the burger itself, I added to 1 lb. of meat about a tablespoon of Dijon, a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, half of a diced medium onion, a pinch of cumin, salt and pepper. These all gave the burger some depth, which turned out tasty. This makes about 3 burgers, but you can dictate size, which is totally a preference in my book. 

I also caramelized about three large onions in enough olive oil to coat the pan and a tablespoon of butter. Sweat the onions first (this means do not brown and cook until translucent) over medium heat and then cook for 25 minutes over med-low heat, stirring occasionally. When they have turned a yummy carmel color, pour about two tablespoons of sherry vinegar in the pan and scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon. Season with salt and pepper. This was my favorite part of the meal! 

My husband grilled for me and slapped on some sharp cheddar. I also made a spicy dressing for the burgers with equal part ketchup to light mayo, a spoon full of pickle relish and a few dashes of tabasco. This "secret sauce" turned out so delicious. 

Assembly was done with egg hamburger buns (the squishy ones are always the best), some lettuce and all of the above. I served it with a simple summer salad of asparagus and yellow squash. Burgers on the grill scream summer to me and I am getting anxious for warm, sunny weather. This was a great start and hopefully the weather follows. 
xoxo Erin 

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