Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Leftovers are absolutely imminent come Friday this week and I wanted to throw out a few ideas to do with some of those leftovers you have. Sometimes the best meals come from leftovers and it can absolutely go beyond the sandwich.

  • Turkey Shepard's Pie: Shred leftover turkey. In a oven proof casserole dish, spread stuffing in bottom of dish, sprinkle turkey over it in another layer, add in any vegetables that are leftover (ie: peas, spinach, cut up asparagus), then spread with leftover mash potatoes. Sprinkle with any cheese you might have leftover from your meal and bake in a 375 degree oven until bubbling and heated through. Serve with gravy on the side. 
  • Turkey Tacos: Shred leftover turkey wrap leftovers in tortillas. It could be just a spread of cranberry sauce, turkey, a little stuffing and season with salt and pepper. Heat up and enjoy! 
  • Turkey Pizza: Click here for a great pizza dough recipe. Top pizzas with leftover turkey,  mozzarella and any leftover vegetables. 
  • Have leftover asparagus? Use this risotto recipe for a base, just skip the step that you cook the asparagus and add in at the end. 
  • Mexican Lasagna: This fan favorite could easily be done with your leftover turkey. For the meat filling, just follow the instructions except cooking the turkey. Add in shredded turkey at the end just to heat up and mix with the vegetables. 
  • Tortilla Soup: Just substitute shredded turkey for chicken in this yummy recipe. 
I hope this gives you a few ideas or at least a starting off point. Get creative and come up with something of your own. Use a favorite chili or soup recipe and just use what you have. Or think outside the box and make a stir fry, an omelet or anything that sounds good! 


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