First Christmas at Home

This was the first Christmas I had hosted at home, so it was a fun learning experience. My wonderful mother helped me along the way and made everything just that much easier. For those of you who know my mother, you know that she has a knack not only for cooking, but decorating and flowers. I have a lot more to learn in the flowers department, but I wanted to share a picture of our Christmas dinner table. It was very fun setting this formal table and I thought I could remind everyone of how to properly do it. Here is a quick guide for you to use for your next formal or even casual affair.

Forks: The small fork (salad fork) goes on the outside left hand side, the large fork (dinner fork) goes inside of that next to the plate. If having more than one course with a fork needed, simply continue to add in from the salad fork towards the plate.

Spoon: Place on the outside right hand side. if having soup, this should be the furthest to the right.

Knife: The dinner knife goes between the spoon and plate on the right hand side. Again, if serving multiple courses requiring a knife, just work your way in.

Plates: Work backward for each course. Dinner plate on the bottom, salad on top, appetizer plate or soup bowl at the very top if needed. The bread plate is placed diagonal left from the diner plate.

Glasses: All glasses go on the right diagonal from the dinner plate. Starting from the left it should be in this order: water glass, white wine glass, red wine glass.

Dessert flatware: The dessert spoon and cake fork are placed at the top of the setting, above the dinner plate. Spoon on top with the top of the spoon pointed to the left, cake fork on the bottom with the twines pointed to the right.

Not all of the above has to be done. In my opinion, you can set a table however you feel like it. I will say, though, that people are impressed with a formal setting and sometimes that is nice to see.


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