Simple Greek Inspired Dinner

Last night I made a quick dinner that my husband deemed "blog-worthy." A saying in the house that has become a part of our regular vocabulary. It was flavorful, easy and has just a few steps. I broke down all of the components below. You can eat and assemble however you would like!

Pita: You can find store bought Greek style pita at most markets. It is fluffier and thicker than just your average pita "pocket," so make sure you get the real deal. You simply brush each side with a little olive oil and heat up in a pan or grill pan. You can also pop in the microwave if you prefer.

Tzatziki: This is a traditional yogurt sauce that is served with pita, gyro, anything you want. Combine Greek yogurt (ie: Fage) with lemon juice, grated cucumber, salt and pepper all to taste. I would start with half a lemon's juice with every 1/2 cup of yogurt and 1/4 cucumber. Then play with it to your taste.

Greek salad: Toss together romaine, diced tomatoes (I used halved grape tomatoes), diced cucumber and diced red onion. Drizzle with red wine vinegar and olive oil to coat, salt and pepper.

Chicken: Marinate boneless, skinless, chicken breasts in marinade (tablespoon of Dijon, juice of 2 lemons, chopped fresh oregano, salt and pepper. Whisk in olive oil until it doubles in quantity) for 30 minutes or even up to overnight. Use enough marinade so that your chicken is fully covered in it in a plastic zip top bag. Grill chicken, let rest for 10 minutes while tented with foil, slice on an angle with sharp knife.

This is a very lose recipe. Sorry it is not very exact! But this is the perfect recipe to attempt to taste as you go and see how to make things your own. There are not very many ingredients, so please play with it!


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