Ricotta and Rosemary Crostini

This appetizer was so delicious and easy. It hardly needs words. A few simple ingredients and poof!, you are star in your kitchen. This crostini would be prefect for a party or just a snack. I have had about a hundred of them and am still making them every afternoon for myself. If you are going to pass for a party, I would use small rounds of baguette or you can even buy the ready-made toasted bread points as a short cut. I made mine big and thick and it, which made it more of a four bite dish. This flavor combination is fresh, creamy and sweet. The honey is a real surprise and it goes perfectly with the ricotta.

Ricotta & Rosemary Crostini
Forks & Amusement 2010
serves 4 for a starter

Toasted or grilled slices of bread brushed with olive oil, I used a rustic Italian bread and just popped it in the toaster. You could also broil it or grilling it would be delicious. Whatever you have time for!

3/4 cup Whole Milk Ricotta
Rosemary, a couple of sprigs chopped
Salt and Pepper

In a bowl, combine the ricotta with some of the rosemary you chopped and salt and pepper to taste. Top the bread with the ricotta mixture and drizzle with honey.

How simple is that?! This is amazing and I am off to make more for myself!


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Krissy said...

This sounds amazing! I definitely want to try it. I made your Mexican Lasagna the other night and Matt loved it...thanks for the fun recipe ideas! Kristin Edwards

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